Dispute Avoidance

More Than Your Average Legal Team

Here at Amison Dispute Resolutions, we help our clients not only to manage and resolve disputes that have arisen, but also where possible to avoid them.

We can help with this in a number of ways. We work with each of our clients to look at their in-house procedures, the way they manage the contract from tender stage and risk assessing the terms that they are being asked to sign and advising on the impact of such terms, the ongoing management of the contract right to the end of a project and more often than not, beyond practical completion, agreement of final account and throughout the defects liability period.

Examples of Resolutions to Avoid Disputes

Risk Assessing Contracts – Risk Assessing Warranties – Company MOTs – Training – Ongoing contract management – Extensions of time claims – Loss and expense claims – Termination advice – Advice on payment – Advice on notices – Advice on final accounts


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