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Amison Dispute Resolutions are construction law specialists that offer personal advice on how to manage and resolve a wide array of different disputes. We offer advice based on our skills, knowledge and experience within the industry and work alongside you in order to learn how dispute avoidance in construction is achieved by designing easy to follow procedure for your guidance. Our core company principle at ADR aims to provide the best benefits we can to each and every clients individual needs and personal requirements.

We are immensely flexible and will tailor our service to suit you regardless of how small or large the dispute may be. There is no one size fits all solution with us – we adapt to satisfy your needs and deliver the help you need to both avoid and resolve. Our specialist construction law dispute resolution services aim to provide adjudication process. We are able to provide a comprehensive dispute resolution solution or can offer help with specific areas to suit your needs and budget.


Construction Adjudication is a ‘dispute resolution process’ that is available to resolve disputes effectively on an interim basis. The process for construction adjudication requires a third party adjudicator to be appointed to oversee the process. Adjudication is appropriate for resolving a number of claims such as interim payments, delay and disruption of the works and breach of any contract.

Our additional services offer pay less notice advice and JCT amendments. There has been a recent movement of issues regarding disputes between contracting parties about failures to issue payment notices and pay less notices. If you have any enquires regarding pay less notice advice and JCT amendments, our specialist guidance will help in making the complex, simple. Alongside adapting to the dispute we can also adjust our services to suit the budget of our clients.

If you would like to find out about the wide array of construction law services we provide please browse our website further. There is a great deal of information on offer that showcases exactly what we can do. Additionally you can get in touch with us for a personal consultation, a member of our team will be more than happy to help avoid, resolve and manage construction law disputes and pay less notice advice to construction adjudication.

Amison Dispute Resolutions truly has the best interests of our clients in mind and will keep that focus throughout each aspect of our service. 


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