Contract Risk Assessment

We can work with you to make subcontracting less risky and more rewarding

The Sub-Contract dictates how that project will be performed by the Sub-Contractor, who is responsible for the performance of specific tasks, along with how and when they will be paid and the penalties when contracts are not adhered to. Specialist Sub-Contractors are experts in their field and want to get on with the task in hand, producing high quality works, rather than untangling the web of confusion bought about by the terms and conditions that they are to be bound by.

Many Sub-Contractors find it difficult to fully understand the risks that they sign up to and their rights to amend the contract terms if they are too onerous, unfair or contravene legislation. In addition, many Sub-Contractors find that risk assessing a Sub-Contract is so time-consuming for them, that the task gets left until the last minute and not read fully, or indeed, sometimes do not get read at all. We can help you to manage the process, save you time and place you in a better position to manage the risks of Subcontracting.


We can examine the contract, mark out the non-compliant terms, highlight the risks and set out a plan of action for successfully managing the risks for that particular contract, because remember… nine times out of ten, you are signing to say that you have read and understood the terms and risks.

What our clients say

We use the ADR Contract Risk Assessment Service because we are Sub-Contractors who need to concentrate on what we do best. We are simply not qualified or equipped to translate complex contractual jargon! We are able to trust ADR to do what they do best, and are glad of a professional service that we can rely on to deliver that information in a prompt and straightforward manner.

This service helps give us the confidence to go forward with projects, knowing professionals have identified and analysed any implications or special requirements, and formulated suitable responses to any risks posed, so that the best interests of our business are fully supported. Having analysed a contract, ADR are also in the best place to give us the best support in the event of contractual conflict arising during the course of a project. It allows any potential issues to be dealt with swiftly and appropriately.

The solid support in clarifying potentially contentious issues in a straightforward and timely manner, means we are better able to put measures in place to deal with or offset those issues. It is an ongoing learning process for us, but one which ultimately supports the foundations of strong, confident relationships with our Main Contractors.

Fiona Simmonds, MA Simmonds Installations Ltd

We are more than your average legal team, we understand what you need, how to make subcontracting easier and more profitable. We are not just there to help you resolve a dispute, we work with you to introduce resolutions into your company to avoid them and concentrate on what you do best, produce excellent results on site


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