When all else fails, turn to arbitration

With the necessary knowledge and experience to aid parties with a host of construction related disputes, we are the ones to come to if there are ever any disagreements. As a neutral party, we will work for the benefit of both sides in order to come up with a suitable compromise that shall resolve the situation. Our extensive knowledge means you can choose the perfect contract dispute resolution services for any situation.

It doesn’t matter what a disagreement happens to be about, it should be resolved as early as possible. Construction disputes aren’t an exception to this rule. Should an issue remain unresolved, it can not only have adverse effects on the cost and time of projects, but also worsen relationships between parties. While it would be ideal that a dispute never comes to pass, the truth is that disagreements occur in even the most well organised projects.

When negotiation and discussion fails, the next step tends to be a service like arbitration. Unlike mediation, arbitration isn’t facilitative. An arbitrator takes on the role of either the judge or jury, and once they’ve examined the evidence presented to them, a decision is made.

In construction disputes, arbitrators are thought of as subject manner professionals who have a considerable degree of practical project experience. A lot of contemplation should be given to the personality and experience of arbitrators, as they can correlate the outcomes directly.

At Amison Dispute Resolutions our arbitration process has more formality than adjudications, but is more flexible than common court proceedings. Also unlike court cases, it is both private and confidential, making it the perfect choice when privacy is important.

Should you encounter a dispute and need to call on the services of a company who understands the options available for contract dispute resolution services we are here for you. We can discuss processes like arbitration and adjudication, explaining the benefits and requirements of each. Ultimately we strive to help resolve disputes as quickly as possible.