A dispute between two parties may arise for any number of reasons. The important thing however is to ensure that the correct methods are used when attempting to find a peaceful and mutually beneficial solution. Specialising in disagreements based around payless notices, we are the people to depend on if you are currently unable to overcome your differences.

A recent case, Kersfield Developments (Bridge Road) Ltd v Bray and Slaughter Ltd, has fortified the stern contractual exposition that applies to claims related to construction contract interim payments. Other claims that hold relevance here include those that are referred to as smash and grab claims.

This category of claim stands as a manipulation of the hasty payment deliveries in the Local Democracy Economical Development and Construction Act. As many individuals will know, this resulted in the creation of a payment structure where payees could raise invoices for interim payments. Should said payment not be contradicted by a payless notice or interim certificate, then the existing invoiced sum becomes due.

These smash and grab claims as they’re called are instances where introduced interim payment invoices are for sums that are significantly in excess of current presumptions. During these scenarios, six figure sums are frequent. When invoiced sums aren’t fine-tuned properly by the payless notices or interim certificates, the payees then appeal for an instalment of the invoiced sum.

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