What ADR processes are available to me?

Disputes can occur for a plethora of reasons but it is possible to stop many of them by taking steps in advance. Using our specialist knowledge, we work on behalf of every party involved in order to reach an agreed settlement before a situation reaches the point where litigation is the only option. If your aim is construction dispute avoidance, we can assure you that no one is better prepared to aid you than ourselves.

There are many ADR methods that parties in a dispute can make use of. Should the contract fail to specify what approach must be introduced after negotiations begin to falter, each party possesses the liberty to come to some sort of agreement on what strategy they’re going to adopt.

Those ADR practices that are most consistently utilised in construction contract arguments are third-party adjudication and mediation. Arbitration, something that isn’t normally considered an ADR procedure, does tend to be a preferred option in litigations, although it can prove expensive. If there is anything in particular that’s worth mentioning about these techniques, it’s the advantages that they bring when negotiations prove ineffective.

One of the most relevant benefits is that not only are disputes overcome rapidly, but the situations themselves are also extensively managed by the parties. Additionally, they also convince business individuals to evolve and embrace business resolutions to business issues. Chances are that the overall results are likely to be based around business and commercial sense as opposed to pure legalistic reasoning. However, the latter can’t be disregarded in reaching an acceptable conclusion.

Whatever the chosen method, full, complete, and clear disclosure has to be given between parties. With misleading, missing, or misunderstood details, disputes can intensify.

At Amison Dispute Resolutions, we know that clients all have their own personal requirements, which is why we seek to provide them with the most flexible service possible. Not only do we mean this in terms of settlement goals, but we also make alterations to accommodate your budget.

If you would like our assistance with construction dispute avoidance, please contact our team.