There’s no need to escalate things

Over the years, our team has had the privilege of assisting an untold number of customers with altercations of varying origins. However, there are times where we believe construction dispute avoidance to be the most suitable course of action. This is especially true in those circumstances where we know that other methods are available to us. Always committed to meeting the client’s needs, we are the people to contact if you don’t wish for things to escalate above the level that they’re already at.

Escalation is something that happens when those issues that could’ve been overcome with party negotiations advance into arguments. In these cases, a third party may be brought in. If an all out dispute manifests though, an outside body will normally have to intervene. During stages two and three of an escalation, parties can conclude that their rights have been undermined. This leads to the frequent employment of legalistic approaches.

Non-escalation is an act that functions to halt the party’s concerns from reaching stage three. The point of bringing it in is to stop the disputes. At the first two stages, aftermaths tend to be non-binding, but at the final one results are binding by the third party. This stage can be employed as a sort of final procedure in the universal dispute avoidance strategy. Alternatively, it can be external to the operation where there’s refuge to arbitration or litigation.

The parties start non-escalation via informal negotiation. Opposing these negotiations, parties have a habit of becoming anchored early on into their own positions by establishing themselves. This could be due to the parties taking defensive stances as the problems have been attended to legalistically too soon. Non-escalation is dependent on parties not simply ignoring everything and hoping that their concerns will disappear.

At Amison Dispute Resolutions, we prefer to adapt to the current situation, offering tailor made resolutions that match your particular preferences. With our assistance, it’s possible to secure effective solutions to a wide assortment of issues. We also advise on construction dispute avoidance if you require it.

If there’s anything you would like us to help with, please get in touch with our team.