The thing about disputes is that they are quite nasty, even at the best of times. What our company strives to do is not only assist clients in coming to a peaceful settlement, but also find ways to avoid the main arguments altogether. Specialising in all sorts of construction dispute resolution services, we are the people to call if you’re worried that conflict is close to breaking out.

Construction projects have experienced their fair share of disputes, many of which have forced them to halt entirely. The method of how these issues will be attended to is typically stated in the contract. In the past, a sizeable number of contracts have favoured alternative dispute resolutions as a way of finding a solution outside of customary court cases.

However, ADR can prove to be troublesome with construction altercations, with the opening out-of-pocket costs generally being greater than those associated with filing suit in court are. This is especially true in relation to the small claims court. Of course, if your case drags on for a long time, ADR can actually end up being more cost effective. ADR is an excellent way of managing your contentions with efficiency too.

One of the most appealing aspects of ADR is that it offers a reasonable level of privacy as well. Arbitration and mediation are confidential, but should you opt to file suit in court, the litigation will be out in the open for all to bear witness to. This situation might be handy for inducing a settlement, but there are instances where everyone would prefer to keep everything quiet.

At Amison Dispute Resolutions, our flexible construction dispute resolution services ensure that every client is provided with the care and attention that they require. We understand that everyone has their own budgetary concerns, but rest assured that our help comes at a price that you don’t have to panic about.

If you desire our aid, please get in touch with us.