The changes to loss and expense payments

Depending on how volatile a disagreement or misunderstanding is, it’s possible that it could manifest into a full on dispute. Each party involved seeks to gain some sort of advantage in these situations, and by working on behalf of all the parties that are present, our specialist team aims to find common ground between them. Experienced in handling all sorts of disputes, including those that are related to JCT amendments, we are the people to contact if a problem ever arises.

In recent times, there have been a number of alterations to the Joint Contracts Tribunal suite of standard forms contract, which everyone must become knowledgeable on. These refinements affect the majority of construction projects in the country and should they be ignored, critical entitlements can be lost to you.

In terms of the amendments that are welcomed by employers, there have been modifications to loss and expense preconditions. It’s a fact that prompt payment of loss and expense shall be embraced by contractors, but there’s a catch. An original condition precedent clause is in position that can catch the contractors off guard. The contractor can be reimbursed on its loss and expense, but this is subject to concession of clause 4.20’s provisions.

This clause is looking to ensure that the contractor supplies all the proper details for an employer to examine the loss and expense sustained, and said employer conducts this evaluation and confirms these amounts quickly. However, a contractor may discover that an employer is using the issue of the proper procedures not being adhered to as reasoning for refusing claims.

At Amison Dispute Resolutions, not only do we work with ongoing disputes, but we also use strategies that are designed to prevent them in the first place. The service we offer to you is a flexible one, as each dispute comes with its own set of unique challenges, meaning that a different solution is necessary each time.

If disputes are currently concerning you, especially those caused by JCT amendments, then your next step should be to call on us.