The changes in adjudication for negligence claims

During the many years in which we have served our industry, we have witnessed disputes that have arisen for numerous unique reasons. Due to the sheer variety of scenarios that we encountered, we felt it necessary to adopt a flexible resolution service which aims to overcome each client’s specific issues. Offering a huge array of options, including that of construction adjudication, we are the people to contact whenever the disagreements start to escalate.

Even the experienced make errors every so often, however, the costs involved in chasing after a claim can be somewhat repressive. The process itself can also be annoyingly slow. This was noted by the courts and so a pilot programme for Adjudication in Professional Negligence Disputes was introduced back in 2015.

During May of 2016, it was re-launched in a considerably more inflated version. The principal adjustments related to the availability of other procedures to consist of a more expansive collection of professionals, as well as the abolishment of the limit placed on dispute’s value, which was fixed at £100,000.

Adjudication is something property practitioners should be familiar with, because its founding in 1996 permitted parties to reconcile arguments without recourse to arbitration or litigation. While it’s still possible to choose these routes, within a respectable amount of cases, parties are happy enough to accept an adjudicator’s decision. This is far more economical than litigation and people hoped that the same level of success could be had in the professional negligence sphere.

Adjudication sits with different kinds of surrogate resolution schemes like mediation. One can initiate it as part of the Pre-action Protocol during professional negligence altercations, or after the beginning of the proceedings. Despite being voluntary like mediation, it’s likely that the courts shall adopt an unfavourable opinion of any who unreasonably refuse to participate. They might even seek to thrust a cost sanction on unruly parties.

At Amison Dispute Resolutions, we tailor our services to match your remarkable requirements, budgets included. Everyone is given the proper quantity of support and no one party is prioritised over the other, as our business works on behalf of all those involved.

If you would like our assistance with dispute resolution please get in touch. We can discuss construction adjudication and the other alternative resolutions you can choose from.