The best approach to dispute resolution often involves no contention

Contract disputes of any variety can be very messy, but our company’s speciality is to resolve every problem in the calmest and most professional manner possible. Working with our clients, we aim to come up with solutions that seek to avoid disputes altogether. Being a flexible business, we are able to adapt to the differing needs of each client to ensure we deliver the right contract dispute resolution services.

As we’re experts in resolving issues before they occur, it should come as no surprise that we have numerous strategies in place that all suit a particular situation.

Mediation for example is when a third party is appointed to help with settlement negotiations between the opposing bodies. Confidentiality and privacy are the primary focus here and the settlements that are agreed upon shall be binding on both parties. If you work in construction, this approach will be well suited to you.

Expert determination, as the name implies, consists of bringing in experts who are perceptive on all the technical concerns that are present within an ongoing debate. These individuals are instructed by both parties to get an idea of what problems are at hand. This service is typically on the basis of submissions that are written. Just like mediation, decisions are binding but in contrast, it tends to be quite informal, cheap, and relatively quick.

Another third party approach is that of early neutral intervention, with the difference here being that the process is non-binding. With this form of contract dispute resolution the intermediary, who is appointed by both parties, supplies independent assessments of the merits of each claim. While there may be no power to force settlements, evaluations can work towards talks regarding resolution.

At Amison Dispute Resolutions we believe that there is always a more prudent solution to the problem than conflicts. When you come to us and provide details on your plight, we will go over everything with you and discuss which way forward is best for everyone. As a result we have built a great reputation for providing the right contract dispute resolutions services for each and every client.

If you’re in a tricky situation and require our assistance, please do get in touch.