The basics of construction adjudication

Disputes are often a natural aspect of construction contracts, but that doesn’t mean that they have to take place. Specialising in providing services that seek to prevent disputes between parties, including the likes of construction adjudication, we look to compromise wherever we can. Able to tailor our work so that it falls more in line with your specifications, we are the ones to call when you need a help.

If you happen to be a party involved in a construction contract, and are attempting to find a quick and effective means to resolve a dispute, it’s possible that you’ll be able to benefit from the adjudication stratagem laid out in the Housing, Grants, Construction and Registration Act 1996. The Statutory Scheme for Construction Contracts also holds some relevance here.

The initial step that the referring party shall have to take is to serve a notice of its plan to refer a dispute to adjudication to each party on the contract. This is perhaps the most critical document as it lays out the scope of the dispute that the adjudicator must decide upon.

Unless every party gives permission, or the contract itself enables the referral of numerous disputes at once, the notice should only outline a single dispute. In the majority of adjudications, if the notice is drafted so as to refer to disputes between each party, it could prove disastrous to the process. As such, the referring party must be accurate in terms of the dispute’s characterisation if they wish to adjudicate over it.

At Amison Dispute Resolutions, aside from altering our services to suit unique requirements, we also do so to accommodate a client’s budget. This way, we can deliver a top-tier service without you having to stress about the bill in addition to the issues at hand. If you require assistance with construction adjudication or another related matter, please get in touch with the team.