Taking care to prevent disputes arising as a result of JCT amendments

As a company with a high level of experience in dealing with various types of disputes, we have the skills to find common ground for every party involved. Keeping an open mind and maintaining a neutral stance, we aim to find a compromise that is agreed upon by everyone. Specialising in areas such as JCT amendments, we are the ones to call whenever you are in need of assistance.

Amending standard form building contracts occurs more than is really needed and in some instances, they can result in the alteration of a contract’s nature. Amendments may be carried out in order to change the risk apportionment, or just because of office practices without thinking of the risks. Whichever the case, issues tend to transpire.

Aside from the imbalance of risk that could be created, there also exists quite a bit of potential for conflict, incoherence with the contract, and general inconsistency. As a consequence, the effects of JCT amendments can become costly in ways that are unknown.

In order to meet unique procurement paths and to fairly distribute risks between parties many employers produce JCT Standard contract forms. By completing Contract Particulars and choosing the numerous options included within a contract, the specifics of a project are obtained.

It isn’t usually the intention for forms to be amended generally. Not all amendments are wrong however. The JCT recognises that there are a number of cases when changes need to be made during the course of a project. That is why they made it easier to make changed via the use of their digital contracts. One view that they take however is similar to that of RIC’s ISurv. This view is that you should only amend what is absolutely necessary.

At Amison Dispute Resolutions part of our resolution services includes JCT amendments. We can explain the process or making changes and the steps that need to be taken to avoid conflicts arising as a result of them. Whenever clients come to us with their individual requirements, we take the time to listen, which enables us to tailor our services so that we are able to meet them.

If you require help with a contract dispute, we hope that you’ll consider contacting our team.