Protecting your position in contract dispute resolution

Whilst a contract is normally formally black ink on white paper, the only thing those who read and sign it see is usually shades of grey. We have yet to see the contract that is so perfectly laid out that it has not had any area of it which could be interpreted or understood in a different way – in particular with respect to a qualified legal opinion of it. Our work in providing contract dispute resolution services is focused on ensuring that these shades of grey are shown your way.

In terms of the nature of work carried out within the construction industry the costs and liabilities of aspects not proceeding as anticipated can be significant. Understanding who is responsible for the burden of this is one of the more common areas in which contract disputes originate.

If it’s true that there are instances where unforeseen circumstances have an impact that all accept, it still leaves a question about who is going to take responsibility for it. More often than not in such cases both parties see the contract as this being a matter deferred to the other party.

Contractual disputes will generally cause big delays for projects. These can often be quite costly, with expenses rising the longer the delay lasts. There is a universal level of respect and understanding for the fact that limiting the exposure to these costs is a priority. That is why the Construction Act 1996 sets forward a number of means for alternate dispute resolution processes. These methods are generally last costly and time consuming than litigation.

At Amison Dispute Resolutions our services will present your interpretation and facts no matter which channel the resolution process has taken. We shall work with a firm understanding of your contract expectations and position, making sure that your best interests are represented correctly and accurately at all times.

If you have any questions about the various alternative dispute resolution services there are to choose from please contact us. We can explain each one and what it requires.