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Construction adjudication is something that all property lawyers need to be aware of. In terms of property, when people refer to adjudication, they typically mean the Land Registry process for overcoming arguments about land that has been registered. However, another procedure with the name is used, and this one is mandatory for construction contracts as stated by the Housing Grants Construction and Registration Act 1996.

Section 108 of the Act demands all construction contracts include an adjudication action that complies with it. Should the contract lack compliant contingencies, the Act shall then imply a statutory programme. You are unable to contract out of the liberty to adjudicate.

The main reason why every property lawyer must be knowledgeable on construction adjudication is a simple one. The 1996 Act’s definition of construction contract is a broad one to say the least. Aside from the actual structure’s construction, the Act also covers contracts for their maintenance, repair, and alteration, the installation of drainage, ventilation, heating, water supplies, and other elements.

The impact for clients is clear in such circumstances. Wherever a contract for the improvement or maintenance of buildings exists, there’s a good chance that the Act shall necessitate the adjudication operation.

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