More must be done to avoid disputes

While disputes are a common occurrence in business dealings, it is possible to circumvent them. Using a plethora of specialist strategies, our team strives to find some sort of compromise that both parties can agree to, thus resolving the situation. As experts when it comes to construction dispute avoidance, we are the ones to contact if you do not wish for things to escalate.

Until recently, the focus has been to resolve claims and contested cases, as opposed to finding early resolution or recognition of disputes and complications that exist within construction projects. We must get back onto the proper track here however. When feasible, we need to focus on the management of the altercations to project level, and adequately oversee the relationship between behavioural attitudes and risk allocation.

Construction comes complete with a wide array of risks. Differences and delays between partners are regular affairs. By nature, construction project delivery is dynamic, and it demands that team members work in unison to alter and fine-tune the scheme’s specifications, methods, logistics, resources, and sequence.

The prevention or timely rectification of construction controversies can lower costs. This benefits the contractor, employer, and the public. We have to discover ways to settle a greater number of project disputes at their origin before formal arbitrations, adjudications, and lawsuits are brought into the mix. Parties must attempt to discern approaches for opportune dispute recognition, resolution, and avoidance while the project is currently in motion.

At Amison Dispute Resolutions, our practices not only seek to accommodate your requirements, but your budgets as well. We understand that there’s no universal solution for construction dispute avoidance. This is no bother for us, as our techniques are very flexible, and are tailored to your unique needs.

If you are concerned about the possibility of a dispute arising at any point in a construction project, get in touch with us immediately to take preventative steps.