Mediation is one of the most indispensable resolution tools available

With years of experience and knowledge behind us, we have the skills necessary to assist clients from all across the industry. Construction dispute avoidance is one area that we are particularly familiar with. No matter what has caused tension between the involved parties, we seek to find a solution that benefits everyone. As a flexible business, we can tailor our services to suit the varying requirements of each individual client.

Despite being viewed as a dispute resolution method, the nature of mediation as a voluntary process that is under the supervision of a neutral third party makes it invaluable as an avoidance solution.

The important thing to understand about mediation however is that it isn’t arbitration. With that, decisions are made and rewards are presented. Since they are neutral conveners, mediators don’t make choices outright. Instead, they bring the parties together to help air their differences and discuss everything openly. As a result emotions can be distanced from the problems at hand. Mediators also aid everyone in coming to realistic and reasonable compromises.

Mediation is one of the quickest expanding fields in terms of dispute resolutions and preventions right now. The primary reason why is that it’s designed to heighten the satisfaction of the persons involved as much as is feasible. The result of the process is normally what has come to be known as a win-win scenario.

What truly distinguishes mediation though is that it understands how crucial ongoing relationships are. Those with a productive business relationship must take steps to maintain it so that they can grow. For the commercial and industrial industries in particular, mediation has proven itself one of the most efficient processes available.

At Amison Dispute Resolutions, mediation is one of our principal services, whether as a resolution or as part of avoidance. This is both a confidential and private process, and any settlements that are agreed to during it shall be binding on both sides unless the issue advances to arbitration or litigation. If you require assistance with your own disputes, get in touch with our team.