Maintaining a working relationship following contract disputes

One of the most important things to consider in regards to contract disputes in the construction sector is the impact on the relationship between client and supplier/contractor. The situation could create a lot of tension or even reach the point where continuing is untenable. If this happens it could result in additional costs and disruption for the client as they need to find new suppliers.

A good way to avoid a breakdown in the relationship is to call on professional contract dispute resolution services at the earliest possible moment. That way all parties can focus on finding a solution that will be acceptable for all sides.

There are a number of alternative dispute resolution services to call on including mediation, adjudication, and arbitration. Some of them are renowned for the fact that they can arrive at a decision very quickly. This can reduce the risk of disputes becoming long running and causing big disruptions to the project.

It is wise to think about dispute avoidance during the early stages of a project, particularly before tendering. That way you can take steps that will help to support relationships with suppliers and contractors. This is a far better option than hiring people and leaving it to chance whether or not an issue will arise.

Throughout a dispute it is important to consider that in the best scenario the parties will continue to work together effectively. Ideally there will be no additional disputes going forward to. An amicable resolution is vital both of these.

The Amison Dispute Resolutions team understands the value of maintaining cordial working relationships, especially if there is still work to be done on a contract. We can help with our resolution services and professional support. We can also help at the outset of a project, working with the client to put procedures in place focused on dispute avoidance.

If you ever need contract dispute resolution services but are worried about the breakdown of a working relationship, please contact us. We will do all we can to provide a satisfactory solution.