Looping back when things don’t work out

Having worked on the subject of disputes for years, we can help clients in overcoming many unique types of arguments. Sometimes however, the opportunity to prevent these altercations before they manifest completely presents itself and this is when we spring into action. Specialising in construction dispute avoidance, we are the people to talk to if you believe that a conflict could potentially happen.

There’s not much chance of a negotiation being fruitful if there’s one party present that thinks it can achieve more by using another approach, like a recognised ADR process for instance, rather than persisting with their negotiations. It’s often the case though that said processes don’t run their entire courses and both parties then agree to loop back to the former negotiations.

This would typically transpire when the groups have already held a number of preliminary alternate procedure hearings. Both sides may have validated one another’s weaknesses and strengths to a more exceptional extent than was feasible whilst the original negotiations were occurring as a result. Afterwards, each party is put in a better situation to work out a settlement that is mutually agreed upon.

It’s possible that loop back may not produce adequate results the first time it’s used and several attempts might be necessary in order to reach a settlement. The benefit of taking your dispute out of the formal arrangement and back to the negotiations is that each party regains dominance over the settlement agreements. Furthermore, an agreement shall not be forced on either party by the body or persons permitted to do so by the ADR stratagem.

At Amison Dispute Resolutions, we offer both comprehensive help and assistance within certain areas to our clients. Every client is treated with the upmost respect and in order to make sure that their needs are well catered for, we tailor our services so that they are more in line with their specifications.

If you require our aid, or would like a personal consultation with a team member, please get into contact with us. With our help you can even take steps to encourage construction dispute avoidance from the outset of the project.