If you and another party are currently at odds because of construction contract misunderstandings our team may be able to help. Trained in a multitude of resolution strategies, we can work to find common ground between both parties and reach a compromise that everyone can agree to. Incredibly knowledgeable on the JCT amendments, we are the people to call if altercations have something to do with this subject.

Revising standard form building contracts is carried out more often than is usually required. In some cases, this can even modify the contract’s nature. Amendment might be conducted in order to reform the risk appointment, or merely due to office practice without consideration for risk, no matter the issues that constantly arise. Aside from disparities that are produced, there’s also the chance that the contract could suffer from incoherence, conflicts, and inconsistencies. Thus, an amendment outcome can be costly in an unpredictable way.

Experienced practitioners conceive JCT Standard forms of contract to both allot risk between each party equally and meet particular procurement routes. Through the selection of the variety of solutions included in the contract, as well as the completion of the Contract Particulars, project specifics can be attained.

It’s not the intention that the forms be adapted generally. Nonetheless, not every amendment is incorrect. The entire industry has altered somewhat, and the JCT acknowledges that updates can be made via digital contracts. Even then though, they adopt a view similar to that of RICS’s ISurv, which states ‘take care to amend only what is completely necessary’. This advice is logical because a number of controversies from construction contracts flow from redrafted allocations of a standard form.

At Amison Dispute Resolutions, in addition to finding you a solution that matches your requirements, we also look for ones that retain relationships. Being a flexible company, we have the means to tailor our work in ways that enable you to get the most out of it. Whatever the JCT amendments, we can provide assistance.

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