JCT Amendments

The Joint Contracts Tribunal (JCT) was established to ensure a reliable standard was set in terms of expectations and requirements for construction contracts. By creating a library of standard forms to act as a benchmark, the JCT has created an interdependent, mutually consistent set of documentation which creates a framework for all operating within the sector.

A standardised set of documentation does not, however, mean that all contracts entered into are of a standard nature. Virtually all construction agreements will have elements and variables that are unique to the particular project. It is imperative that all such aspects are comprehensively covered in the documentation, with the requirement being that they meet the JCT standards.

In accordance with this, JCT Amendments are one of the important – and vital – services that we provide at Amison Dispute Resolutions. Our support of what the Joint Contracts Tribunal exists to achieve is reflected in our knowledge and understanding of what is required to meet the standards they have set. The intervention we provide ensures that mutually amicable amendments are drafted and adopted in construction contracts by all related parties.

There exists, as pointed out above, a vast and wide range of reasons where a contract must firstly be in place and secondly be amended from the set standard. We can be of service in respect of all JCT Amendments your situation requires. Some of the most frequent requirements include –

  • Consultancy service agreements
  • Primary contract between the employer and the main contractor
  • Sub-contracts and sub-sub-contracts agreements with the main contractor
  • Design agreement contracts between employer/contractor and the specialist designer
  • Supply contracts
  • Collateral bond and warranties undertakings
  • Tender issue forms for main contractor applications

By having clear and comprehensive JCT amendments made prior to engagement within the construction sector the risk of disruptions and disputes going forward are minimised. We can help clients to achieve this, offering professional support throughout. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.