Is early neutral evaluation a worthy mediation substitute?

The team at Amison Dispute Resolutions are the experts when it comes to peacefully overcoming arguments. Using a series of contract dispute resolution services, including the likes of arbitration and early neutral evaluation, we seek to find a compromise that each party can agree to. Tailored to your unique requirements and budget, our assistance would definitely be a welcome addition if differences need to be resolved.

If you’re familiar with disputes, then chances are you have heard the name mediation pop up a fair few times. Sometimes, it can be a highly prudent method of paving the way to a settlement. However, it can also feel like a somewhat unsophisticated way of trying to circumvent the potential losses one experiences at court. More subtle alternatives do exist thankfully, which might enable every party to settle, but take place within a substructure that reflects the legal merits more clearly.

Early neutral evaluation is one such alternative. This is where the parties nominate an independent body to offer a non-binding opinion on the merits of their cases. Normally, this is a paper assignment where the appointed assessor sees a set of evidence that’s agreed upon between each party.

After the evaluation has been made, the intent is for the parties to use it as a foundation for negotiations. It could be that proper negotiation becomes more challenging if one side is convinced that they are in the right, or if the other simply opts to disregard the evaluation’s outcome. On the other hand, where one barrier is removed, there could still be negotiation on more trivial issues, resulting in a mutually advantageous aftermath.

At Amison Dispute Resolutions, we have had experience working with persons from across the business hierarchy, so we know exactly what approach to take for a given situation. To make certain that things go as smoothly as possible, and that everyone gets the necessary support, we form strong working relationships with every client.

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