How has the JCT reorganised insurance?

It’s natural for disputes to arise in everyday life, but when businesses get into a dispute it can prove detrimental to all those involved. Experienced in disentangling arguments to do with the JCT amendments, we work for the benefit of each party and make use of strategies that are most likely to result in a peaceful and mutually advantageous outcome. With a flexible service that enables us to take on vastly different disputes, our team has the skills to meet all sorts of client specifications.

In recent times, there have been a fair number of changes to the way JCT suite of standard form contracts operates. To understand how these alterations can influence you and your company, you must be made aware of what these modifications are exactly. Should you remain unaware of them, you might find that certain entitlements you once held are no longer yours.

The revisions institute new changes to the insurance arrangements that are made under Option C. This is the option that becomes valid when employers take out the works insurance for projects within existing complexes. It has always been the case that Option C has proven itself inappropriate because it makes the assumption that the two kinds of insurance that are referenced shall always be taken out by the same body.

The JCT has finally acknowledged the need for flexibility in this situation however. They have permitted the integration of a C.1 Replacement Schedule in place of paragraph C.1 of Insurance Option C. This authorises parties to organise their own bespoke insurance covenant. This could include making it so that the employer takes out special structures insurance and asking contractors to carry the prospect of damage to the existing buildings under their public liability cover.

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