Even the Minor Works hold significance

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In June last year the JCT Minor Works 2016 edition was published to a less than sweeping fanfare. The Minor Works contract holds significance for contractors everywhere. The JCT advises that we use it during simple projects when the architect plans to impose the contract, and when the employer has designed the project.

The higher ups at the JCT have augmented the contract from the previous 2011 variation in ways that enhance experiences for contractors. Multitudes of these modifications were already amended at the time as a matter of routine and were insinuated as law regardless.

Termination is one of the elements that were altered. Regulation 73 supplies that specific termination contingencies should make up a section of public contracts. In practice, public authorities adopted the majority of JCT contracts prior to them being signed up to. Clause 5.7 included a new provision to terminate as well, whenever there has been damage to or material loss from a building that currently exists.

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