Don’t let disputes threaten your success

With the knowledge necessary to help with a considerable number of disputes, our team is the one to depend on in various situations. Specialising in construction dispute avoidance, as well as many resolutions, we seek to find common ground for every party involved so that things need not escalate any more than they should. Whatever the issue at hand happens to be, we will do everything we can to aid you.

Participants within construction projects accept that disputes are part of the process. The problem is that they don’t spend much time thinking on the kinds of issues and how they can be overcome in a hasty manner. These kinds of conflicts should be considered as risks as they can directly influence a project’s success, similar to that of an unforeseen subsurface condition. Just like other risks, these can be addressed and planned for via attention to detail, communication, and adequate planning.

Ignoring a dispute isn’t the same as avoiding one and as soon as it becomes apparent that disagreements are present, the issues must be confronted head on. Of course, there are certain problems that generally aren’t worth squabbling over, so ensure that they are actually important before acting. Should you conclude that they are, communicate early and regularly. Bad news is never nice, but receiving it too late is substantially worse.

If you follow up a conversation that was had with an email, then you can easily maintain a record of the discussed subjects. Not only this, it can also remind the parties of what they agreed to do. The existence of documentation alone increases the chances that someone will keep their promises. Additionally, this will also aid everyone in setting realistic goals.

At Amison Dispute Resolutions we tailor our services as necessary in order to meet the varied requirements of each individual client. Thanks to our long years in the industry, we have also learned that budgets differ as well, yet another reason why we opt to provide a tailored service. If you require more details about how we operate, we would be happy to answer your questions.