Does my situation warrant mediation?

Providing contract dispute resolution services for the construction industry is what we do best. Throughout the years we have managed to assist numerous clients, including employers and contractors. Seeking a middle ground on which everyone can accept, we aim to resolve disputes efficiently. Whatever your requirements happen to be, we will strive to meet them.

Mediation is an outstanding forum when looking to resolving equality claims, construction disputes, and contract disagreements. To put things simply, any scenario that would otherwise be arbitrated can be resolved with the process. As a matter of fact, the majority of parties locked in a contract dispute could profit from mediation. Even if the problems at hand are complicated and emotional enough that litigation or arbitration is unavoidable, you can at first narrow down the issues by involving a mediator.

A little known fact that may interest you is that mediation might be practical in a more expansive litigated affair. Commonly, sections of a greater concern in litigation can be divided up and settled more efficiently through facilitated debates.

In construction disputes most disagreements aren’t centred around legal concerns. Mostly, the issues tend to be about equity or fairness. To give an example, a delay claim, be it made by the contractor or the owner, typically isn’t a dispute regarding legality. These claims are characterised as Requests for Equitable Adjustment and the disagreement itself is normally about what’s equitable for a given case.

At Amison Dispute Resolutions every client’s circumstances are unique. That is why we tailor our services when looking to meet your specifications. Mediation forms only a part of our company and when we work with each party, there are many other strategies that are available to us. If you would like to know more about what we can offer you in terms of contract dispute resolution services, feel free to contact us.