Does a quick process produce a quality decision?

Many of you will have at some point heard – or possibly faced – the idea that something can either be done quickly or correctly. The thinking behind this is that a task can only be completed in one of these ways. What one must consider in accepting any truth behind this is the fact that there’s quite a difference between something being done quickly and it being rushed in some way.

Construction adjudication stands as an example of where a matter can be concluded both quickly and effectively, ensuring a quality decision is made.

Over the years we have discussed how vital it is, in terms of project deadlines and costs, to take all measures possible to avoid delays in the construction sector. The adjudication process was established to enable delay avoidance.

The system allows for a straightforward and quick resolution to be proposed for a contract dispute. Whilst to the letter of the law the finding is not legally binding it would generally be the case that both parties, in the interests of averting delays, would accept it.

The construction adjudication process allows disputes to reach an amicable resolution within days rather than weeks or months. Whilst this has many benefits, one of the more unfortunate consequences is that it has led to the system sometimes being described as a “rough and ready” approach to a legal matter.

There are negative connotations to the above – ones which are entirely unwarranted. We can assure you that both sides of a contract dispute are given comprehensive consideration during a construction adjudication hearing, with no bias towards either party or speed being shown.

In order for the process to be successful the parties must present a comprehensive, substantiated account of their interpretation of the contractual matter under dispute. Parties must also be prepared for a course of action in the instance of them either accepting the finding or wishing to dispute it further. In all instances, our services enable you to be in the best position possible for doing this.

At Amison Dispute Resolutions we stand by the benefits that adjudication can offer and believe that the process can provide a quick, quality decision when an issues needs to be resolved. If you have any questions please get in touch.