Disputes arise for all sorts of reasons in the construction sector, be it to do with pay or the JCT amendments. Regardless of their origin, the important thing is that they are attended to and resolved as quickly as possible. Using a multitude of specialist techniques, our team does everything within its power to find a suitable compromise that every party can agree to.

With JCT contracts, certain areas are more prone to disputes than others. In order to come up with reasonable solutions to them, we need to understand why altercations pop up where they do in the first place. Below, we will give some examples of the places most vulnerable to controversy, and what can transpire in their confines.

Oral instructions come up rather frequently to say the least. At some point, arguments shall emerge over how said instruction’s provisions operate when put into practice. Scenarios could surface where contractors are presented with oral commands only to discover that the employer has reaffirmed them in writing. The difference with the employer is that their directives might be in terms unlike those given with the oral decree. During instances of material oral mandates, there exists a risk where contractors can postpone administering them until the expiration of the 14-day cooling off interval.

One other region susceptible to disputes is that of loss and expenses, like when contractor entitlements haven’t been promptly investigated. Other obstacles that show up may possibly have something to do with the conditions precedents clause. This is especially likely in cases where contractors have a chance of losing their allowance to claim if the correct processes haven’t been respected.

At Amison Dispute Resolutions, in addition to settling already existing debates, we also seek to avoid them altogether, whenever it’s feasible. Since each client is remarkable in some form, we tailor our services so that they match their isolated requirements.

If you believe that a dispute isn’t too far off, contact our people immediately. We can provide support and solutions, even if the problems are related to JCT amendments.