Dispute avoidance can provide many benefits

There are several different options to choose from in terms of contract dispute resolution. In most cases it is preferable to opt for a service such as adjudication or arbitration that avoids the need for costly, time consuming litigation. With these processes an agreement can be reached without needing to take that step.

One way to reduce the potential of needing contract dispute resolution services in the future is to conduct a full risk assessment before progressing to the tender stage of a project. By taking the time to look over contracts with care and consult with specialists like us you can anticipate problems early and rectify them. This means that ultimately fewer disputes should arise when you come to getting contractors to sign.

When we conduct a risk assessment of contracts we utilise a traffic light system to highlight which areas need the most urgent amendments. This helps us to deliver the best advice for clients and aids them in creating a plan to resolve the issues we uncover.

Another important thing you can do in regards to dispute avoidance is ensure contacts are managed correctly throughout the whole course of the project. Issues can arise at different times if proper procedures aren’t followed. There is even a period after completion when disputes can occur. Luckily our team can offer training and help people to manage contracts effectively for the whole duration.

If the project is lasting for a long period of time we can offer ongoing services on retainer. This means that for a monthly fee you can call on us whenever you need help with issues or have an enquiry. As a result we can ensure you always satisfy the terms of each contract and the legal obligations. In turn this can result in fewer disputes.

At Amison Dispute Resolutions we are committed to delivering the very best level of service for each and every client. We are flexible and dynamic, giving us the ability to cater for your specific situation.

If you have any questions about avoiding disputes or the contract dispute resolution services you can call on if the worst happens please contact us.