Details are always important in a contract to protect against disputes

Disputes are an unfortunate part of any agreement, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be prevented. Our company in particular is a firm believer in this fact. That is why we supply our clients with a range of solutions designed to find enough common ground between all parties that are involved. In order to meet the requirements of everyone that works with us, we make it a point to keep our contract dispute resolution services as flexible as possible.

A host of contract disputes often come about and companies think that it was their lack of expertise that led to their downfall. This is simply not the case however. Inadequate planning is usually the primary catalyst. If you take the time to plan things out during the contract’s formation stage on the other hand, a great deal of stress can be avoided. With that in mind there are steps you can take to stop everything from turning upside down.

A contract that is well written and that establishes a timeframe for the work to be completed in should be produced. Determined time-for-performance conditions within a contract entitle the parties to be discharged from it. Anyone who works in construction however, knows all too well that these kinds of projects are a magnet for performance-timing problems.

You may have experienced this yourself, but construction projects have a habit of running behind schedule. There are adequate reasons at times, but suppose the contract states that things will commence “soon”. This word could be interpreted as a few weeks by some but the company may well have meant months. It is for this reason why information shouldn’t be detailed vaguely, and that precise dates and times should be stated instead.

At Amison Dispute Resolutions we assist with disputes that have both already come about and those that have yet to take form. We make use of several methods to achieve the goals of resolving issues without requiring litigation. We always keep in mind that while an approach might work in one instance, it may not in another, so we always ensure there are options to choose from.

If we can help you with resolving disputes or planning ahead to reduce the risk of them occurring in the first place, please do get in touch.