Dealing with parties that refuse to pay

As specialists when it comes to resolving disputes, we employ a multitude of strategies that are effective for different situations. Construction adjudication is one such strategy that we implement. Throughout the years it has proven itself quite the fruitful approach. As a third party, we work for the benefit of all parties involved, making us the perfect people to speak to when looking for common ground.

Adjudication acts as a type of dispute resolution that, by statute, is enforced upon every contract for construction work in the UK. What this means is that even if the contract includes no express provisions that relate to adjudication, the courts shall imply provisions that allow parties to refer their disputes.

“Construction” is a word with a myriad of definitions and can include those duties conducted by surveyors, architects, builders, and anyone else involved in the project. In addition to residential works, adjudication can also be applied to expansive commercial projects as long as it’s provided for in your contract.

For many, the losing party refusing to pay can be a problem in these circumstances. The decision of the adjudicator shall only be binding until everything is determined via an agreement, litigation, or arbitration, should it be provided for in the contract.

However, since it’s binding in the interim, the choice can be imposed by having proceedings issued at court and acquiring a decree, which can then be administered in a slew of ways. Normally, the only defence against proceedings such as these is that the decision of the adjudicator was not in their jurisdiction.

At Amison Dispute Resolutions, during the time we spend with clients, we aim to form strong relationships so that we can give them the proper support. We’ve worked alongside a plethora of individuals throughout company hierarchies, which has enabled us to evolve our services into ones of a more comprehensive nature, permitting you to make the most of what we have to offer.

If you have a dispute that requires a resolution and construction adjudication is a path you want to go down, we are just the people to help.