Construction Dispute Avoidance

From the moment contracts are entered into there exists the risk of developments during the course of fulfilling them leading to disputes. Of the many possible factors that can lead to a dispute the two most common are one party not honouring an agreement and the proverbial “unforeseen circumstances” causing an issue. With the costs of disputes – in terms of both time delays and financial considerations – being high, it’s important to take as many pre-emptive actions as possible to avoid them emerging.

At Amison Dispute Resolutions we provides a comprehensive construction dispute avoidance service for clients. We understand the different problems that can arise and can put procedures in place to minimise the risk of them occurring.

One of the primary ways in which we assist you with this is through our JCT Amendments service. We speak about this in greater detail on that section of our site, but in short this service ensures an amicable, agreed on frame of reference is in place for contract obligations and expectations. Our work is carried out in a way that complies with the standards of the Joint Contracts Tribunal and gives clarity to the consequences of non-compliance. As important as this is, it does not in itself limit the potential for disputes arising.

The above work is complemented by our risk assessment services. In order to help your business avoid contract dispute situations we evaluate and review all aspects of the service or services which relate to the contracts. This includes, but is not limited to, understanding the practical concerns of the contract itself, establishing the factors which could have a bearing on it being fulfilled and the business processes of both the contractor and the contracted parties.

In presenting you with a comprehensive overview of where risk elements exist we provide you with the means to successfully manage potential dispute areas. If certain types of problems emerging are impossible to prevent, it is nonetheless possible to be in a position to ensure they are dealt with efficiently and correctly, reducing the length and cost of a dispute.

Over the years we have built our name and reputation on providing the most beneficial services possible in contractual construction dispute avoidance. We look forward to working with you, providing you with the confidence you need when entering into agreements. If you would like any additional information please feel free to contact us.