Construction dispute avoidance is preferred to resolutions

One thing to remember with construction disputes is that a domino effect can occur with great ease. A single dispute can lead to others, causing delays, disruptions, and higher costs in the process. The downward spiral can even result in the quality and scope of a project being compromised.

The above becomes even worse with large scale construction or engineering projects where the employers and contractors are expected to work together for an extended period of time. Difficulties can easily become amplified as a result, particularly if relationships are irreparably harmed. Disputes dragging on are highly likely to cause this.

The number of different disputes that can arise in the construction industry is astonishing. Almost every single aspect of each project could result in issues and disagreements. This increases the importance of having the right plans and procedures in place. The better they are the less risk there is of a problem arising.

It is always wise to focus on construction dispute avoidance at the earliest possible stage, preferably during the initial planning. By doing so, you can anticipate many of the problems that may arise and put plans in place to resolve them quickly with minimal issues. This is more efficient and provides benefits for both the employer and the contractors.

Across the industry there is a natural preference for construction dispute avoidance rather than resolution. Even the fastest resolutions such as adjudication or arbitration will take some time and come with costs. Generally if you have planned properly and put the right procedures in place avoidance will prevent the issues from arising in the first place.

Early intervention techniques are becoming more and more popular too because they can potentially save a great deal of time and costs. Employers are urged to look at them and introduce those that will be useful before they move on to looking for and hiring contractors.

At Amison Dispute Resolutions we can provide a comprehensive avoidance service, ensuring it is tailored to suit the specific needs of each client. We understand the unique nature of every project and strive to do the very best for our clients. If you have any questions for us we urge you to give us a call.