Construction Adjudication

At Amison Dispute Resolution we have a great deal of experience with adjudication and how useful it can be in effectively resolving disputes. It is an option that can be utilised if issues arise with construction contracts, offering the chance of a swifter and more cost effective solution than resorting to litigation.

The process for construction adjudication requires a third party adjudicator to be appointed. They will oversee the process and can take an inquisitorial role in which they ascertain facts and the letter of the law. We can fill this role and ensure we make the right decision after considering all of the evidence presented.

When a decision is made following construction adjudication the ruling is binding unless the dispute progresses to arbitration or litigation. There are generally no rights of appeal following decisions and opportunities to resist enforcement are very limited. The process can therefore be quite a reliable option.

There are a number of advantages for opting for adjudication when disputes arise with construction contracts. Firstly it is typically a streamlined process and a decision can be made in up to 28 days. This is much faster than many other forms of dispute resolution and naturally comes with a smaller price tag as well.

The adjudicator appointed can keep the process flowing and prevent lengthy oral arguments or legal submissions from taking up too much time. Additionally they act as an investigator when it is required, removing the need to appoint additional people. Finally there is typically no need to cross examine any information before a decision can be made.

When we are appointed as adjudicators we approach the dispute from an independent point of view and look at what the law clearly states. We can therefore make an impartial decision.

One thing that makes us so good at handling construction adjudication is that we understand how costly a long disruption can be. We know how vital it is that cash flows are not majorly disrupted during the construction process. A longer dispute and litigation can cause that and put the whole project at risk of expensive delays.

If you have any questions about the adjudication process or would like to discuss a dispute with us please get in touch.