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Maintaining a working relationship following contract disputes

One of the most important things to consider in regards to contract disputes in the construction sector is the impact on the relationship between client and supplier/contractor. The situation could create a lot of tension or even reach the point where continuing is untenable. If this happens it could result in additional costs and disruption for the client as they need to find new suppliers. Continue reading

There’s no need to escalate things

Over the years, our team has had the privilege of assisting an untold number of customers with altercations of varying origins. However, there are times where we believe construction dispute avoidance to be the most suitable course of action. This is especially true in those circumstances where we know that other methods are available to us. Always committed to meeting the client’s needs, we are the people to contact if you don’t wish for things to escalate above the level that they’re already at. Continue reading

Even the Minor Works hold significance

Amison Dispute Resolutions is a team that is comprised of specialists whose expertise lies within construction law. We aid clients who are currently involved in disputes that relate to subjects like JCT amendments, working on behalf of every party in order to find a suitable compromise. Highly flexible in terms of both standard and budgetary requirements, we have the means to tailor our services in ways that make them more appropriate for your situation. Continue reading

If it isn’t clear, it may not be valid

A dispute arises because two parties cannot come to a mutually beneficial understanding. We however believe that our team can help them find something that’s suitable for everyone involved. No matter the altercation’s origin, be it payless notices or a similar subject, we won’t rest until all are satisfied. Continue reading

Adjudication is actually a very fast approach

When a dispute arises it could be due to one of a multitude of possibilities. To assist parties in overcoming these disagreements, we provide them with a series of specialist services, including the likes of construction adjudication. This way, we can find some form of common ground and come to an arrangement that everyone is satisfied with. Continue reading

There are alternatives to court

The thing about disputes is that they are quite nasty, even at the best of times. What our company strives to do is not only assist clients in coming to a peaceful settlement, but also find ways to avoid the main arguments altogether. Specialising in all sorts of construction dispute resolution services, we are the people to call if you’re worried that conflict is close to breaking out. Continue reading

We shouldn’t focus on unrealistic expectations

Disputes are a nasty business, but they can be prevented if the right methods are applied. Specialising in construction dispute avoidance, our company can assist any parties that are currently at odds and find ways of come to an agreement without things getting complicated. Very flexible and tailored to your specific needs, our services are the ones you should rely on. Continue reading

JCT forms can be used to obtain project specifics

If you and another party are currently at odds because of construction contract misunderstandings our team may be able to help. Trained in a multitude of resolution strategies, we can work to find common ground between both parties and reach a compromise that everyone can agree to. Incredibly knowledgeable on the JCT amendments, we are the people to call if altercations have something to do with this subject. Continue reading

Property lawyers must be aware of construction adjudication

The company we operate is one that dedicates itself to making certain that any disputes that exist between parties are dealt with in an appropriate manner. Experienced in construction adjudication, as well as in numerous other areas, we have solutions for a wide variety of situations. With a service that is both affordable and flexible, we’re sure that you’ll find something that’s suitable for your requirements. Continue reading