A dispute is sometimes inevitable, but in situations where they are avoidable, everything must be done to ensure that this is the outcome. Using a wide assortment of specialist techniques, we work on behalf of each party that is involved in the argument, with the goal being to come to some sort of mutual agreement. As the experts when it comes to construction dispute avoidance, we are a business that can be relied upon to assist you in times such as these.
People often ask why dispute avoidance is such an important affair, but the answer is simple; money. Full on altercations aren’t cheap by any standard, and include both indirect and direct costs. The latter alone can be ridiculous and could potentially overshadow the original claim itself with ease.

The direct costs include the likes of in-house resources, arbitration, adjudication, and expenses for advisors. Indirect costs consist of aspects like low morale, degradation of trust and confidence in working relationships, negative impacts on one’s reputation, diminished performances, and lost opportunities for future partnerships on projects.

Risk averse contracts, which make the effort to shift the risks within the influence or control of that party responsible for relaying the risk, are normally completely counterproductive. In addition, they can lead indirectly and directly to delays, project inefficiency, costs, quality concerns, and disputes. As such, it’s more advantageous for every party to stay in control and proactively involved with risk management as their project continues.

At Amison Dispute Resolutions, thanks to our experience and knowledge, we are able to aid clients in overcoming disputes of varying natures. We’re fully aware of the fact that each individual comes with their own personal requirements, which is why our services are tailored especially to meet them.

Generally the best results are earned by focusing on construction dispute avoidance from the outset of a project. That way processes can be put in place to reduce the risk of disagreements occurring in the first place.

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