Be realistic and compromise when necessary

Construction disputes are a messy business, but as experts in a wide variety of them we have the means to offer an array of solutions to either resolve or prevent them outright. Construction dispute avoidance is one area in particular that we are known for, working to find a compromise between parties before everything gets out of hand. Offering tailor-made services, we are the ones you can depend on to meet your requirements.

Any construction process is risky to say the least, with project owners, designers, and contractors all in danger of suffering accidents, non-payments, conditions that weren’t anticipated, and other unpredictable circumstances. As a way of handling and mitigating troubles such as these, parties draft, produce and negotiate complex contracts, secure performance bonds and procurement payment, and buy insurance coverage. Disputes often arise from inadequate planning on such issues, with parties not taking enough time to think about how they could be dealt with or avoided altogether.

Regardless of the business we happen to be entangled in, commitments are made that set the expectations of others. Setting them unreasonably high can be ruinous, as what was promised may not be met. Dissatisfied and preposterous expectations inevitably lead to disputes. As such, simply laying out what can be accomplished realistically and supplying constant updates can stop many arguments from manifesting.

Being willing to compromise is also a good habit to get into. Things can change as a project moves forward, with something being essential at one point and less so later. If you cut the other party some slack, they shall be able to do the same at another time. As a result, the relationship you have is certain to improve.

At Amison Dispute Resolutions our experiences with past clients have enabled us to develop a very dynamic service. In addition to meeting unique requirements, we also alter our services so that they fall more in line with our client’s available budget. If we can be of any assistance to you in regards to construction dispute avoidance, please contact our team.