Avoiding valuation claims

Clients come to us with the intention of finding an intermediary to help conduct negotiations with a party that they are currently quarrelling with. Disputes between two parties often arise for many reasons, but one of the most prevalent is that of payless notices. Fortunately, our team is incredibly knowledgeable on this subject, and can provide a series of solutions that aid all sides in coming to a reasonable compromise.

When not prepared correctly, the valuation of a payless notice can be challenged. This isn’t really an ideal situation to be in, so you have to do whatever you can to prevent it from occurring. To avoid experiencing such claims yourself, there are some practical tips that you can make use of.

For starters, ensure that you know the contract. There is no better alternative than this, and as it has been witnessed in certain cases, statutory payment provisions and common law principals are subject to the contract itself. Therefore, it’s imperative that you determine whether the contract includes a subsection to the effect that the last account would be irrefutable as to the final payment that’s due.

Should this be the case, the paying body might not possess the means to adjudicate the final account’s worth if they did not present a valid payless and/or payment notice. In circumstances such as these, it’s crucial that you are privy to the contractual deadlines for issuing payless and payment notices.

If your plan is to pay less than what has been defined in the final account application, you need to serve a payless and payment notice within the period set out in the scheme or contract. By properly serving these notices, you are seeing to it that you don’t begin on the back foot if a dispute manifests.

At Amison Dispute Resolutions, we opt to use strategies that accommodate both a party’s specifications and their budget. Due to the diverse nature of the issues we experience, our team offers a dynamic service that aims to satisfy your unique requirements, leading to quicker and more efficient outcomes.

If you would like our assistance in resolving altercations arising because of payless notices, please contact us.