An end to the dispute is the main goal

Disputes arise for many reasons and can severely affect a construction project if they’re allowed to escalate too much. Using a myriad of specialist approaches, our team strives to resolve the existing issues between each party, and find common ground on which they can both stand. With our contract dispute resolution services at your disposal, things are sure to be resolved in a professional and efficient manner.

Typically, disputes consist of negotiable interests. They can be overcome by using certain methods, such as arbitration, negotiation, adjudication, and mediation. Those issues that occur within the construction sector tend to be relatively short-term in nature, as they relate to projects that come with contract periods. Not only this, but they also tend to loan themselves to the expansion of solutions that are mutually received.

The purpose of dispute settlements is to end the conflicts and they don’t necessarily have to handle the fundamental causes. On the other hand, unless these fundamentals are seen to and abolished, disputes possessing similar characteristics to the one that’s currently being focused on can manifest at a later date. As such, when taking steps to find a compromise, the maximum effort should be exercised to both define these causes and rectify them. At the very least, this has to be done to stave off comparable situations in the future.

At the conclusion of every dispute comes the settlement. This is likely to be achieved via negotiation, and if this is the case, every party should be content that they’ve seized the greatest possible outcome for themselves. If done through arbitration or ADR, there’s a chance that one of the parties won’t be happy with the aftermath. Whatever the case, if the dispute is over, the principal point is that things have been straightened out and that the project can continue as scheduled.

At Amison Dispute Resolutions, we work on behalf of both party’s interests, not just for a single body. Requirements can differ between parties, but that’s not a huge problem for us, as we tailor our services so that they are more appropriate for your unique needs.

If you wish to discuss anything specific with us in regards to contract dispute resolution services, you’re more than welcome to contact us.