When a dispute arises it could be due to one of a multitude of possibilities. To assist parties in overcoming these disagreements, we provide them with a series of specialist services, including the likes of construction adjudication. This way, we can find some form of common ground and come to an arrangement that everyone is satisfied with.

For those wondering how quick adjudication is, the answer is very. In terms of all the other resolution methods it is one of the fastest.

The initial document that’s assembled during the process is known as the Notice of Adjudication. Its purpose is to briefly set out the argument’s specifics. Notwithstanding the documentation’s size, it’s undeniably one of the most vital due to the fact that it sets out the adjudicator’s jurisdiction. Once the notice has been serviced, the next phase involves the appointment of the adjudicator within the next seven days.

Something else that must happen during this period is that the Referral Notice needs to be issued on the opposing side and be filed with the chosen adjudicator. What this document does is comprise both the case and its evidence. Because of timing restraints, the Referral Notice has to be made ready before the Notice of Adjudication is supplied.

The aim of the adjudication process is to allow that altercations could be settled within 28 days of the Referral document’s issuing. Normally, the outcome is that this figure is increased to 42 days, as long as the adjudication commencing party agrees. Anyone who is experienced in court proceedings will agree that obtaining a decision in either 28 or 42 days is astoundingly swift.

At Amison Dispute Resolutions, we are fully aware of just how diverse a dispute can become, which is why ours is a dynamic service. In addition to tailoring our construction adjudication work around your particular requirements, we also seek to accommodate your budget, as the bill isn’t really something that needs adding to your list of concerns.

If you believe that our assistance would be beneficial, please contact us.