Adjudication in construction contracts

Amison Dispute Resolutions specialise in solving a wide range of different disputes. We have vast knowledge and experience in dealing with these issues, ensuring we can offer an efficient solution. We always work by building ad understanding our clients own requirements, whilst still adapting and implementing our knowledge to best fit in solving their disputes.

The definition of construction adjudication is a contractual or statutory procedure for easy resolutions for disputes. The process is provided by a third party, like us. Adjudicators can adopt an inquisitorial role, which requires them to use facts and the law to make a decision on the dispute.

We understand that you may be wondering what some of the advantages of using an adjudicator for solving disputes in construction contracts are. A few of the most important ones include:
– Parties can select the expert adjudicator, and what their characteristics are.
– The adjudicator can act as the investigator into the dispute.
– These adjudicators can carry out oral arguments for you or legal submissions.
– Cutting out stress, adjudicators can carry out streamlined and flexible procedures, which are agreed on by both parties.
– Using an adjudicator can mean less expense.

One of the powers of an adjudicator within solving construction contract disputes is to revise and review documentation unless the contract says that they are conclusive. Other powers include, deciding what order of payment of sums under the contract, and deciding whether any interest should be paid.

If this sounds all a bit complicated still, then this is why Amison Dispute Resolutions is here to help. One thing that sets us apart from others like ourselves, is that we build strong foundations with our clients. As a result we can offer the right level of support, ensuring it is personal whilst retaining the right level of professionalism.

If you need to find out more about construction adjudication we can help; please don’t hesitate to get in touch.