A little background information on the JCT

Disputes between employers and contractors brings on unnecessary stress for all parties. In order to rectify each problem our company can utilise many methods of dispute resolution. We will always select the right one for the issue and do all we can to prevent the situation for requiring costly, time consuming litigation.

The Joint Contracts Tribunal is one area in which we possess a high level of expertise. We can advise clients about the benefits of this kind of agreement and also work with JCT amendments when they become necessary. If you are having any difficulties relating to this subject, we are the people to help.

The JCT was originally introduced to make certain that a reliable standard was set, in terms of both requirements and expectations, for construction contracts. It first came to be during the year 1939 and was devised by both the Royal Institution of British Architects and the National Federation of Building Trades Employers. JCT contracts ease the process of completing a building project by substantially reducing the resources and time needed to get everything started.

To put things simply, they define what responsibilities and obligations every party has to one another. By employing such a contract it becomes clear what work needs carrying out, by whom, when they are to do it, and how much it will cost. Under the JCT, property owners are classed as the employer and each contractor should be accounted for.

JCT’s make use of a standard form in order to lower the cost of inclusion in a contract. They also supply benchmark provisions so that everything is covered and anything inessential is left out. Risks are allocated in a rational and fair manner, and the benefits that have been divided up through best and legal practice precedent are reflected.

At Amison Dispute Resolutions our work with JCT amendments is extensive. With the aid of our intervention, any changes that are brought forth by mutual agreements can be both drafted and implemented to any construction project. This reduces the risk of additional disputes arising.

If you are ever in need of our assistance regarding this area, please do get in touch.