The knowledge and experience possessed by our team is enough that we’re able to provide clients with first class contract dispute resolution services. Arguments can break out for a wide variety of reasons, but the important thing here is that they’re dealt with in a timely and professional manner. Excelling in this area, we are the people to contact if there are differences that you need resolving.

Anyone who has familiarised themselves with a dispute previously will no doubt have heard about mediation. It’s true that its effectiveness in opening pathways towards settlements is well regarded. However, there are times where it feels like an unsophisticated way of cutting corners simply to circumvent the potential losses of a court loss. Options more fitting to this approach do exist however, which may enable the parties to settle. Except with these alternatives, they operate within a framework that reflects the legal values more clearly.

Expert determination is one such alternative and is similar to early evaluation. The contrast here though is that the independent specialist’s decision is binding. Due to the irrevocable nature of this choice, expert determination can be a somewhat risky strategy moving forward for anyone on unpredictable grounds. Regardless, it can present you with a comparatively hasty and cost efficient way to decide the case.

During certain instances, there have been court advances over the scope of the professional’s remit. In Barclays v Nylon, an expert determination on the proper elucidation of a partnership profit allotment clause was pushed aside by the Court of Appeal. This was because the pundit didn’t have standing to make their determination until an allocation had been made. Cases such as these serve as a reminder to parties to be sure that they are entirely agreed on the expert directive’s ambit. As long as the referral’s extent is clear, the result should stick.

At Amison Dispute Resolutions, expert determination acts as a part of our own service pool. A professional who is knowledgeable on your dispute’s technical concerns shall be assigned to you and will be instructed jointly by both parties in order to deduce the contention between them.

If there’s anything you’re uncertain of, please let us know. Our contract dispute resolution services stand out because we work to provide knowledge as well as an effective result.