Monthly Archives: September 2017

A chancy but cost effective and quick procedure

The knowledge and experience possessed by our team is enough that we’re able to provide clients with first class contract dispute resolution services. Arguments can break out for a wide variety of reasons, but the important thing here is that they’re dealt with in a timely and professional manner. Excelling in this area, we are the people to contact if there are differences that you need resolving. Continue reading

Better to avoid disputes than endure their weighty costs

A dispute is sometimes inevitable, but in situations where they are avoidable, everything must be done to ensure that this is the outcome. Using a wide assortment of specialist techniques, we work on behalf of each party that is involved in the argument, with the goal being to come to some sort of mutual agreement. As the experts when it comes to construction dispute avoidance, we are a business that can be relied upon to assist you in times such as these. Continue reading

Disputes are more likely to appear in some places than others

Disputes arise for all sorts of reasons in the construction sector, be it to do with pay or the JCT amendments. Regardless of their origin, the important thing is that they are attended to and resolved as quickly as possible. Using a multitude of specialist techniques, our team does everything within its power to find a suitable compromise that every party can agree to. Continue reading

What is involved in a smash and grab claim?

A dispute between two parties may arise for any number of reasons. The important thing however is to ensure that the correct methods are used when attempting to find a peaceful and mutually beneficial solution. Specialising in disagreements based around payless notices, we are the people to depend on if you are currently unable to overcome your differences. Continue reading

The changes in adjudication for negligence claims

During the many years in which we have served our industry, we have witnessed disputes that have arisen for numerous unique reasons. Due to the sheer variety of scenarios that we encountered, we felt it necessary to adopt a flexible resolution service which aims to overcome each client’s specific issues. Offering a huge array of options, including that of construction adjudication, we are the people to contact whenever the disagreements start to escalate. Continue reading