Monthly Archives: July 2017

What ADR processes are available to me?

Disputes can occur for a plethora of reasons but it is possible to stop many of them by taking steps in advance. Using our specialist knowledge, we work on behalf of every party involved in order to reach an agreed settlement before a situation reaches the point where litigation is the only option. If your aim is construction dispute avoidance, we can assure you that no one is better prepared to aid you than ourselves. Continue reading

Preconditions for loss and expense have changed

During our time in operation the Amison Dispute team have gained experience with all kinds of issues. Something we have learnt in this period is that a single solution just isn’t enough for every last one of them. That is why we adopted a tailored approach to our work. Able to offer assistance in all kinds of disputes, including those to do with JCT amendments, we are the people to call whenever help is needed. Continue reading

One must clarify payment application details

There is a plethora of reasons as to why a dispute may take form. Not surprising payless notices are responsible for a few of them. When an argument surrounding this topic does occur, we work for the benefit of every party involved so that we can find common ground between the opposing sides. Very flexible and possessing the ability to tailor services when the need calls for it, our team members are the ones you can trust to act as your intermediaries. Continue reading

Adjudication in construction contracts

Amison Dispute Resolutions specialise in solving a wide range of different disputes. We have vast knowledge and experience in dealing with these issues, ensuring we can offer an efficient solution. We always work by building ad understanding our clients own requirements, whilst still adapting and implementing our knowledge to best fit in solving their disputes. Continue reading

When you reach a stalemate, step back and assess your strategies

Disputes arise for various reasons and can be incredibly distressing for each party that is involved. Excelling in contract dispute resolution services, our team seeks to find a compromise between the opposing parties, ensuring that the conflict can be resolved as quickly as possible. Incredibly flexible and never working solely for the benefit of one particular party, the people at our company are the ones you can trust. Continue reading