Monthly Archives: June 2017

Looping back when things don’t work out

Having worked on the subject of disputes for years, we can help clients in overcoming many unique types of arguments. Sometimes however, the opportunity to prevent these altercations before they manifest completely presents itself and this is when we spring into action. Specialising in construction dispute avoidance, we are the people to talk to if you believe that a conflict could potentially happen. Continue reading

The changes to loss and expense payments

Depending on how volatile a disagreement or misunderstanding is, it’s possible that it could manifest into a full on dispute. Each party involved seeks to gain some sort of advantage in these situations, and by working on behalf of all the parties that are present, our specialist team aims to find common ground between them. Experienced in handling all sorts of disputes, including those that are related to JCT amendments, we are the people to contact if a problem ever arises. Continue reading

Don’t be restricted by failing to issue payless notices

Over the course of a project covered by a JCT agreement contractors may submit several payment applications. When one of these is received whoever is responsible for the administration of the contract, be it an architect, the client themselves, or another appointed individual, should review it straight away. If this is not done the amount stated in the application could become the one that has to be paid, even if it is incorrect. Continue reading

Negotiations are nothing without careful planning

Disputes come on an array of shapes and sizes, meaning that one solution is not enough to solve the entire problem. Our company knows this all too well, which is why we prefer to offer a tailor made experience that falls more in line with your unique circumstances. Specialising in construction adjudication, as well as a number of other areas, we are the ones to call if things ever get a bit out of hand. Continue reading

The facts about escalation and institutionalisation

The thing about disputes is that they can take on various forms, which can make it difficult to find a solution to the problem. Having dealt with these kinds of confrontations for many years now, our team has developed a host of contract dispute resolution services that focus on a client’s unique conditions. Whatever your requirements happen to be, the tailored solutions that we offer are sure to be of benefit to you. Continue reading