Monthly Archives: May 2017

Latent problems need not worsen

Having spent years assisting clients with a considerable array of disputes, our team is best equipped to handle any situation. Of course, it’s also important to know when a dispute really isn’t necessary and common ground can be found via other approaches. Specialising in construction dispute avoidance, we are the ones to call if you want to put procedures in place that will reduce the risk of issues occurring. Continue reading

Huge and important changes to payments on JCT contracts

Disputes arise for different reasons and unique circumstances prevent one from using a universal strategy to rectify them. Fortunately, ours is a company that specialises in a multitude of areas and the disputes that surround them, including the likes of JCT amendments. Whatever your requirements, we shall work on behalf of both parties in order to find common ground between you. Continue reading

Can I combine payment and payless notices?

When a dispute arises, you’ll want to find a solution as soon as possible. Fortunately, our team possesses extensive experience and knowledge when it comes to subjects like this, enabling them to deal with a multitude of disputes. Payless notices are one topic in particular that we’re very familiar with, making us the people to come to whenever a problem surrounding them manifests. Continue reading

Dealing with parties that refuse to pay

As specialists when it comes to resolving disputes, we employ a multitude of strategies that are effective for different situations. Construction adjudication is one such strategy that we implement. Throughout the years it has proven itself quite the fruitful approach. As a third party, we work for the benefit of all parties involved, making us the perfect people to speak to when looking for common ground. Continue reading

Basic strategies are sometimes the best

The aim of our company is to resolve any and all contract disputes by finding equal ground between every party involved and satisfying the relevant legislation. We have the skills necessary to resolve a wide variety of issues, but when possible, we strive to prevent them entirely. Offering a multitude of contract dispute resolution services, we are the ones to call when you believe that things are getting a bit out of hand. Continue reading