Monthly Archives: April 2017

Be realistic and compromise when necessary

Construction disputes are a messy business, but as experts in a wide variety of them we have the means to offer an array of solutions to either resolve or prevent them outright. Construction dispute avoidance is one area in particular that we are known for, working to find a compromise between parties before everything gets out of hand. Offering tailor-made services, we are the ones you can depend on to meet your requirements. Continue reading

Putting employers on the right track with notices

Employers can find themselves at a disadvantage in relation to the contractors when it comes to payless notices. The employer may lack suitable knowledge of their importance and how crucial it is to issue them at the correct time. Contractors on the other hand should have a better understanding from their past experiences. This could leave a risk of them taking advantage of failure to issue notices. Continue reading

The basics of construction adjudication

Disputes are often a natural aspect of construction contracts, but that doesn’t mean that they have to take place. Specialising in providing services that seek to prevent disputes between parties, including the likes of construction adjudication, we look to compromise wherever we can. Able to tailor our work so that it falls more in line with your specifications, we are the ones to call when you need a help. Continue reading

Does my situation warrant mediation?

Providing contract dispute resolution services for the construction industry is what we do best. Throughout the years we have managed to assist numerous clients, including employers and contractors. Seeking a middle ground on which everyone can accept, we aim to resolve disputes efficiently. Whatever your requirements happen to be, we will strive to meet them. Continue reading