Monthly Archives: March 2017

Don’t let disputes threaten your success

With the knowledge necessary to help with a considerable number of disputes, our team is the one to depend on in various situations. Specialising in construction dispute avoidance, as well as many resolutions, we seek to find common ground for every party involved so that things need not escalate any more than they should. Whatever the issue at hand happens to be, we will do everything we can to aid you. Continue reading

Taking care to prevent disputes arising as a result of JCT amendments

As a company with a high level of experience in dealing with various types of disputes, we have the skills to find common ground for every party involved. Keeping an open mind and maintaining a neutral stance, we aim to find a compromise that is agreed upon by everyone. Specialising in areas such as JCT amendments, we are the ones to call whenever you are in need of assistance. Continue reading

Providing justification with payless notices

Payless notices are incredibly important and failing to issue one regularly results in adjudication being awarded in favour of the contractor rather than the employer. If the contract falls under the Construction Act it is vital to have processes in place whereby notices for payment and payless are issued at the correct times, in the right format, for the whole duration of the project. Continue reading

Construction adjudication is a powerful resolution method

Disputes are a common occurrence, especially in the construction industry, but that doesn’t mean that they have to be blown out of proportion. Specialising in a number of areas, including the likes of construction adjudication, we seek to find a compromise between every party that is involved, so that a settlement can be reached as quickly as possible. Our service is a flexible one, so whatever your requirements are, we will work to meet all of them. Continue reading

When all else fails, turn to arbitration

With the necessary knowledge and experience to aid parties with a host of construction related disputes, we are the ones to come to if there are ever any disagreements. As a neutral party, we will work for the benefit of both sides in order to come up with a suitable compromise that shall resolve the situation. Our extensive knowledge means you can choose the perfect contract dispute resolution services for any situation. Continue reading