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How to prevent construction disagreements turning into disputes

One of the main objectives of all construction contracts is to try and safeguard against any possible disputes which may cause costly delays. The emphasis of that last sentence is, if we are to be completely honest about it, the word “try”. To create a contract which would be completely guaranteed to ensure no disagreement came about would, we believe, take an all but infinite amount of time. Continue reading

A little background information on the JCT

Disputes between employers and contractors brings on unnecessary stress for all parties. In order to rectify each problem our company can utilise many methods of dispute resolution. We will always select the right one for the issue and do all we can to prevent the situation for requiring costly, time consuming litigation. Continue reading

Why should payless notices be issued?

Resolving contract disputes is our speciality. Our specific focus is on the construction industry, serving all kinds of clients who encounter issues. We work to resolve each situation so that the results benefit both sides. Payless notices are one of the areas in which we have a particular expertise. If you ever come across any trouble involving one, then we are the people to call. Continue reading

Can a Part 36 offer be made in the construction adjudication system?

The primary reason for establishing the construction adjudication system was to effectively provide a form of “fast track” resolution for disputes within the industry. It was implemented to safeguard excessive delays in work and to protect the cash flow position of all parties involved. This is different from how most would understand how the law – in particular courts – usually work, with a dispute taking months if not years to resolve. Continue reading

The best approach to dispute resolution often involves no contention

Contract disputes of any variety can be very messy, but our company’s speciality is to resolve every problem in the calmest and most professional manner possible. Working with our clients, we aim to come up with solutions that seek to avoid disputes altogether. Being a flexible business, we are able to adapt to the differing needs of each client to ensure we deliver the right contract dispute resolution services. Continue reading